Safety Response Protocol

Shelter in Place

This is called when there is a threat in the area


  • Go inside the building
  • Return to homeroom classroom (portables go directly to buddy rm.)
  • Continue with classroom instruction inside the building


  • Move students inside
  • Lock all outside doors
  • Lock classroom door
  • Take Roll—email office – Subs – call office


This is called when there is threat or hazard inside the building or on/near school grounds.


  • Move out of Sight & Maintain Silence


During Lockdown

  • Lock Classroom door
  • Lights out/Pull Blinds
  • Move out of sight
  • Maintain silence
  • Wait for Administrator First Responder to open door
  • Follow directions of First Responder

After Lockdown 

  • Take roll – email office
  • Subs – call office


Evacuate or Fire Alarm


  • Leave everything behind
  • Form a single line
  • Be prepared for alternate route
  • Last student out, close door


  • Grab backpack
  • Lead students to evacuation location
  • Take roll
  • Use Red/Green to indicate

– Green: all present
– Red: missing student



  • Drop/Cover/Hold
  • Remain Silent
  • Follow all directions


  • Drop/Cover/Hold
  • Check area for danger and take action
  • Check with Buddy Teacher

Reverse Evacuation

Playground managers will whistle three times and students go in closest door and go to homeroom class (portables go to buddy rm). Teachers will take roll and notify office of missing students.

All reverse evacuations become shelter in place unless otherwise notified.

Emergency Response Protocol

  • Please review these procedures with students before each drill!
  • We will start drills with “This is a drill.”