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Kindergarten Information

Kindergarten Information

Kinder Corner News

Not attending Wedgwood in the fall? Contact the office at 206-252-5670.

Kindergarten First Full Day: 9/9/21

Welcome to Kindergarten!  During the district “Strong Start” schedule, Kindergarten teachers will be connecting with their students to get to know students, as well as doing base level assessments. 

Preparing For Kindergarten Overview

WA Kids

The Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS) is a transition process that helps to ensure a successful start to the K-12 experience and connect the key adults in a child’s life.


  • What is WaKIDS? Refer to the  WaKIDS Overview page for more information about this program.
  • WaKids “Introducing Me” Booklet , refer to the  Introducing Me Booklet page for more details. Parents will fill this out and share the information during their fall Family Meeting with their teacher.

Technology for Kindergartners (2020-21)

All incoming Kindergartners will receive a district owned iPad.  iPad distribution plans are currently being discussed.  Our school leadership and teachers will send out confirmation on when and how you can pick up your child’s iPad.  These iPads will be loaded with all the digital tools your child will need for distance learning this year.  It is the expectation of SPS and Wedgwood Elementary that your child use the district device during online learning.  Technology questions can be sent to our Librarian/Tech Specialist, Kristi Leland at

Kindergarten school supplies at Wedgwood

In an effort to promote a sense of community, classroom materials will be purchased for the group and shared. Purchasing in bulk through the district, gives us a better price than you would probably find going to multiple places, shopping the back-to-school sales.

Families are being asked to pay a supply fee in the fall that will cover your a student’s class supplies and Technology fee for the year.  Families will be expected to provide a backpack and lunchbox (if applicable).