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PTA Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

The Wedgwood PTA’s vision is to bridge the relationship between our school and our families by engaging and empowering our community to support our students in achieving their full potential.

Our Mission

The Wedgwood PTA is committed to:

  • Promoting activities that enhance the joy and well-being of Wedgwood students and staff in a way that complements and enriches our excellent learning environment;
  • Advocating on behalf of students, staff, families and the school;
  • Building community within the school, and enriching the relationship between the school, families, and the wider community; and
  • Encouraging the community’s investment of time, energy and financial support into Wedgwood Elementary.

These statements drive the PTA’s decision making in the various functions that the PTA serves at Wedgwood. Importantly, it is our desire that our vision and mission complement and work in conjunction with the vision, mission of Wedgwood Elementary. For more information about the Wedgwood PTA, please visit the Wedgwood PTA website.