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Walk 'n' Roll: Pledges, iPod prizes, and more
The countdown is on! Wedgwood's fun and active annual Move-a-thon fundraiser will take place on Friday, Oct. 24. 

Did you know that any child who collects $100 in pledges will be entered into a raffle for awesome prizes, including an iPod nano, iPod shuffles, and gift cards? So keep working on getting those Move-a-thon pledges!

But any pledge, whatever the amount, is welcome. Our goal is to have 100 percent participation, meaning that each child participate and collect at least some pledges. Friends and family can pledge a certain amount for each lap that a child walks, wheels or runs, or make a lump-sum donation.

We are aiming to collect $50,000 to start the fundraising year. See the Move-a-thon web page for more information.

Follow-up to Wedgwood Curriculum Night & 1st PTA General Meeting

On September 30, 2014
  • Mr. Ouellette presented information on the changes that will be happening at Wedgwood as a result of educational reforms at the national, state and local level. A copy of his Powerpoint presentation is available here. Mr. Ouellette will be providing an even more detailed update to our school community on February 11, 2015, at 6:30 pm. Additionally, Wedgwood is working on providing every student, K-5, with access to a District-approved keyboarding program that can be used both at school and at home.
  • In a record eight minutes, the PTA conducted its required business. If that was a little too fast, you can click  here for copies of the approved revised budget and by-laws.
  • The community learned that, thanks to a grant written by PTA board member Katie Traverse, new sidewalks will be built in front of our school and on some adjacent streets this summer. The grant funds include resources that encourage safe walking and biking routes to school through FeetFirst and Cascade Bicycle Club. Please click here to take a brief survey about how your family gets to school.

New requirements and procedures for volunteers

As Principal, one of my most important jobs is to ensure that we have strong, robust systems in place to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and school — and ensuring a well-organized and defined volunteer system is a key part of this work. Recently, the District has reviewed and updated their safeguards for adults who volunteer in our schools and District. Here is a Q&A to help inform you of the new procedures:

What are the new procedures for Wedgwood volunteers?

Under the updated District policy, all VOLUNTEERS are required to:

Note: the WATCH form requires that the volunteer have an SPS employee initial off on the form after seeing a Driver’s License or other photo ID with the volunteer’s name and birth date. So please bring an ID with you when you plan to turn in your completed forms.

What is the difference between being a volunteer and a visitor?

At Wedgwood, a VOLUNTEER is anyone who is routinely in the building helping in the classroom/office and/or spends any time alone with students. Some examples of this are one-on-one student activities or hallway tutoring, field trip volunteers, or working in a classroom or office on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

At Wedgwood, a VISITOR is anyone who makes a one-time visit to the school and is never alone with students (except their own). Some examples of this are attending an assembly or class party or presentation, or just dropping off or picking up items from the school.

Now I know I’m a volunteer, where do I start?

You can access all of the forms and video by using the online links above. If you do not have access to a computer, the office will have updated volunteer packets starting on Sept. 25. We will also have a table where you can pick up and turn in your volunteer materials at Curriculum Night on Sept. 30. Additionally, we will have parent volunteers in the office starting Sept. 25 to help process the new Volunteer Requirement forms. 

Have the check-in procedures changed at the school site?

YES – When you come to Wedgwood as a visitor or volunteer, you will now sign-in IN the office. When you sign-in, you will confirm that you have completed the volunteer requirements. We will also have name tags with different colors to indicate whether you are a volunteer or a visitor. This will be an important cultural shift for us that all adults need to sign in (in the office) and have identification (the color-coded name tag).

The office “drive-up” window will still be available for quick questions, drop offs (like lunches), or checking in late students and picking up students early.

What if I’m volunteering as a field trip chaperone?

If you are chaperoning a Day Field Trip (leave and return to the school on the same day), you must complete the Volunteer requirements above.

If you are chaperoning an Overnight Field Trip (multi-day trip away from the school), you must complete the Volunteer requirements above. Additionally, if you cannot provide verification of a two-year continuous residency in Washington State, you will be required to be fingerprinted as well. Fingerprinting can take a couple of weeks to complete, so please consider this in your planning.
Volunteers are a key and valued component of the important work we do for students here at Wedgwood. Remember, the goal of these new safeguards is to ensure the safety and well-being of all our students. It is our sincere hope that this transition to the updated policies will be as smooth as possible — and our goal is for all volunteers to be working under the new safeguards by Oct. 31.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support!

Doug Ouellette
Wedgwood Elementary
(206) 252-5711
(206) 552-4726 (cell)

Note from the Principal

Welcome back Wedgwood Students and Families! We are so excited for the start of the school year and to hear all about your summer adventures!

Wedgwood has a dedicated community of students, teachers, and parents who continue to make our school one of the most successful academic programs in Seattle Public Schools. Once again, our students performed incredibly well on the state’s Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) Tests. The numbers in the chart (see left) represent the percentage of Wedgwood students who met or exceeded the standards for their grade level.

Our collaborative teaching teams (PLCs), focused on instruction and monitoring students' progress, have ensured our strong performance in these areas. These teams will continue their critical collaborative work this year as we work to strengthen and grow our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) here at Wedgwood to ensure targeted academic support for both our struggling and advanced learners. Congratulations to everyone for their hard work!

I look forward to seeing all of you during this, our first week of school – I’ll be in the hallways so stop by and say hello!

Doug Ouellette
Principal, Wedgwood Elementary

2013 Washington Achievement Award: Wedgwood Elementary is a recipient!

Over Spring Break, Wedgwood was notified of its 2013 Washington Achievement Award. Winners are selected using the Washington Achievement Index and criteria from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The award is given in six categories: Overall Excellence, High Progress, Reading Growth, Math Growth, 5-year graduation rate and English Language Acquisition. Wedgwood Elementary is being recognized for Overall Excellence and Special Recognition - Reading Growth. Click here to read the full letter from the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Monthly Citizenship Value = Responsibility

Our citizenship value for the month of April is Responsibility, knowing your job and doing it all on your own. As we talk about responsibility here at school, it will hopefully give you a great opportunity to continue the conversation at home. Everyone from Kindergarten to 5th grade can practice responsibility, wherever they go. We would love for you to use the language of “knowing your job” and “doing it all on your own” with your child so we can continue growing a deep sense of responsibility in all our students! Thank you for your continued support.

- David Lowe, Head Teacher
You helped Marty "get to the party" and beyond!

As we shared a few weeks ago, we reached our fundraising goal the night of the 60th Anniversary Celebration. This is truly great news for all of us. It means the PTA is able to continue funding the key staff support, enrichment programs, and community building activities in our budget. (For a big picture reminder of our budget, please click here.)
  • We netted just over $62,000 against a goal of $60,000. This number is more or less final, though matching funds and expenses continue to trickle in. Click here for a breakdown of fundraising income and expenses.
  • We cannot begin to thank everyone for the effort, time and energy that went into our 60th Anniversary Fundraising Celebration, but we're sure gonna try! Click here for the complete list of recognition.
  • We'd like to share some memories of a great night of fun and community building. Click here for a link to the event night Dropbox. And now, as they say, it's a wrap!
- Heather Pruehs & Petra Smith, Co-VPs of Fundraising

Monthly Citizenship Value = Harmony

At Wedgwood this month we are focusing on harmony, which we define as “working and playing together in a way that is positive for everyone”.   It’s something we see every day at Wedgwood. Students show it by reading independently while others in their class are reading in a small group, they show it by listening thoughtfully to their math partners, they show it by encouraging teammates and competing with sportsmanship in PE. The list goes on and on.

When students notice a classmate showing harmony, they jot his or her name on a Citizenship Card and put it in the classroom envelope. Every Friday those cards get collected in the jars on our Harmony bulletin board, and at lunch we congratulate and acknowledge some of the students who were named. So as an entire school we are encouraging each other to work and play together in a way that is positive for everyone.

- David Lowe, Head Teacher

60th Anniversary Celebration, oh what a night!

On Saturday evening, March 8, a crowd of Wedgwood parents, staff (current & former), and even some alumni turned out for a night of community-building fun, great food and dancing, and of course a bit of fundraising. We met our $60,000 goal! A huge thank-you to our wonderful community who helped make it happen. In next week's newsletter edition we will provide a complete wrap-up with net revenue after expenses and matching funds event photos, and more.

- Heather Pruehs & Petra Smith, Co-VPs of Fundraising

A big thank-you to Mr. Lowe for his presentation

Just before mid-winter break, we convened for our third PTA General Meeting of the school year during which our Head Teacher Mr. Lowe led a discussion on bullying and the implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports). If you were not able to join us, you can review his entire presentation here. We truly appreciate all his efforts to make Wedgwood the best possible student community it can be.

Retirement of teacher Carolyn Murphy

December 4, 2013

Dear Wedgwood families, as many of you have probably heard, Kindergarten teacher Carolyn Murphy has decided to retire, ending a 40-year career of service to students and families. Mrs Murphy's commitment to families and students has always gone above and beyond, making extra time to talk with parents about their student's progress or volunteering her time in the Wedgwood garden. Her service to our school will be missed and we wish her the very best as she starts a new chapter in her life.


Chris Cronas

SDOT has delivered safety changes

As we shared with you in October, Wedgwood received a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to make walking routes to school safer for everyone:

  • A new all-way stop is now at NE 85th St & 28th Ave NE. Please make sure to heed this stop sign every time you drop off/pick up your child(ren) or find yourself driving through this intersection.

  • A permanent radar speed sign has been installed on NE 83rd St. We hope to see a measurable increase in speed limit compliance on this route. Please be mindful of your own speed if 83rd is part of your driving route to Wedgwood.

Move-a-Thon 2013 is a wrap, fundraising goal smashed!

We can't thank our Wedgwood community enough for coming together to support another hugely successful Move-a-Thon. We exceeded our fundraising goal of $43K by almost $20K! (over $62K in pledges and sponsorship). Please remember to get those last outstanding envelopes turned in and all corporate matching funds finalized as soon as possible.

We'd like to recognize our community sponsors, committee volunteers, event day volunteers, event theme artists, Marty the Marmot, our amazing bulletin board designer, our stage-worthy MC, and the entire school for Movin' to Their Groove! Please join us in congratulating the top movers, earners, and raffle prize winners:

  • P4 (Ms Melfi) completed the most laps
  • Room 8 (Ms Lucas) earned the most money, close behind in 2nd place is Room 11 (Ms Wahl)
  • Top individual earners are Madelyn, Maxwell M, Michael, and Morgan
  • Raffle prize winners are the lucky Cicely, Elise, Grace, Jackson, Liam, Maxwell C, Maxwell R, Nevena, and Stella.

- Danelle Edie and Lis Sullivan, Move-a-Thon Event Co-Chairs

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