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    Nutrition Program & Meals

    The Seattle Public Schools nutrition program serves breakfast and lunch for Wedgwood Elementary students.

    Health Services

    The main emphasis of  health services at Wedgwood  is to detect, manage and prevent acute and chronic health problems that interfere with the academic process.  This is done through:

    • Daily Treatments and Medications as requested by parents and ordered by Health Care Providers.
    • Maintaining current Health Plans for students with health concerns.
    • Health Screening such as Vision, Hearing, Height, Weight, Dental and Neurological.
    • Communicable Disease Control  by monitoring Immunization records and monitoring  illnesses in the school.
    • Special Education and 504 Assessments
    • First Aid
    • Health Education for staff and as requested by teachers in classrooms
    • Disaster Preparedness

    What Can Parents Do To Keep Wedgwood Safe and Healthy?

    • Be sure your child gets adequate rest; good nutrition, and wears appropriate clothing for the weather.
    • If your child is sick, keep them at home to rest.
    • Children should not be at school if any of the following are present:
      • An oral temperature of 100°F or more—or if such a temperature was present with in the last 24 hours.
      • More than one episode of vomiting or diarrhea.
      • Any rash accompanied by sore throat or fever.
      • Large amounts of nasal discharge that your child cannot cope with in a sanitary manner
    • Contact our nurse before sending ANY medications, including over-the- counter medications, to school.
    • Keep the school informed of all changes in contact phone numbers at home, work or emergency contacts so we can reach you if needed.

    Meet Nurse Sarah Barquero

    Nurse Sarah BarqueroOur nurse Sarah Barquero comes to Wedgwood with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from University of Washington. She also has an undergraduate degree in French from St. Lawrence University in New York. After graduating from St. Lawrence, she worked as a program coordinator for adults with developmental disabilities. This experience is what led her to nursing. At University of Washington, she completed an accelerated bachelor of science in nursing program and completely fell in love with pediatric nursing.

    Nurse Sarah then found a position at Harborview in the Trauma/Pediatrics/Burn unit. This was an amazing and challenging experience, but was taking a toll on family life. She decided a change was necessary, and was introduced to school nursing. Sarah began working for Seattle Public Schools in the 2012-13 school year. She most recently worked at McClure Middle School before transferring to Wedgwood.
    She is thrilled to be at Wedgwood, and has already been blown away by the kindness and welcoming attitude of families and staff. When she is not working, she spends her time with her husband and three children. She enjoys hiking, yoga, and being a mom.  You can email any questions you may have to Nurse Sarah at

    Other Helpful Information from our Nurses

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