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    Picture of various colored pencils
    Please scroll down to access grade level supply lists.

    Kindergarten and 1st grade families will be asked to pay a supply and technology fee in the Fall of the 2019-2020 school year.  School supplies will be provided for incoming kindergartners and 1st graders (families will need to provide a backpack and an optional lunchbox for their kindergarten or 1st grade student).

    All students will be given supplies regardless of their family's ability to pay the supply/technology fee. 


    When shopping for school supplies, please consider these generous programs:

    Buy supplies at Office Depot — Mention Wedgwood Elementary every time, and they add it to a tally, giving our staff 5% of total purchases in the form of store credit to be used for supplies.

    Having a Target “Red Card” also pays — Simply register your card at, designate Wedgwood as your school, and the “Take Charge of Education” will donate 1% of all card purchases year round!

    Purchase Scrip (which work like gift cards) through our monthly program and shop with it - another simple way to support Wedgwood.  Register at and designating Wedgwood is a great way to automatically give back every time you shop.  Stores like Safeway and Macy's tie their cards straight to the program, and you can shop hundreds of name brand merchants online.


    Dear Parents/Guardians: Please bring the following supplies when school begins Wednesday, September 4, 2019

    2 folders with horizontal pockets

    1 large spiral sketchbook

    2 composition books (No dividers and not primary style)

    2 wide rule spiral notebooks (10 x 8 inches)

    1 box of 24 crayons

    1 box of 10 markers

    Teachers will collect and share with class as needed:

    1 pack of glue sticks

    1 pack of Ticonderoga sharpened pencils

    1 pack of eraser caps

    1 box of tissues

    Last names that start with A-L please bring baby wipes

    Last names M-Z please bring gallon bags


    Individual student items:

    2 folders with horizontal pockets (may need to be replaced throughout year)

    3 composition notebooks (wide ruled only, please, bound, not spiral)

    1 spiral notebook

    1 sketchpad (optional)

    1 box of 24 colored pencils

    1 box of 16 count crayons

    1 box of multi-colored markers

    1 pack of highlighters

    1 student scissors

    1 set of headphones (no ear buds) to be kept at school (optional)

    Items that will be collected by teacher and shared/replaced through the year:

    4 pink pearl erasers

    1 package of cap erasers

    2 dozen #2 pencils, sharpened, please

    10 glue sticks

    2 dry erase markers (thick point / dark colors)

    1 box facial tissue

    1 container of Baby wipes (fragrance-free)

    Students with the last name A-I –

    Please bring 1 bottle hand sanitizer

    Students with the last name J-Z –

    Please bring 1 box snack or sandwich size Ziploc baggies




    Students entering fourth grade should bring:

    1 1-1/2 inch 3-ring binder, sturdy, old-fashioned, vinyl, no zipper

    1 pkg.  Notebook dividers (please get the dividers with labels that can be printed on a computer for the tabs—you can see it in the back of the clear plastic package)

    1 3-ring pencil pouch for binder, no pencil boxes

    4 wide rule composition notebooks (not spiral)

    3 doz.  sharpened pencils (to be replenished throughout the year)

    3 pkgs. Wide rule notebook paper (to be replenished throughout the year)

    1 box colored pencils for maps, diagrams, etc.

    1 package of glue sticks (to be replenished throughout the year)

    2 boxes of facial tissue (to be replenished throughout the year)

    3 pkgs 3x3 LINED post it notes, NOT accordion-style, variety of colors

    1 pair Fiskar scissors for kids

    2 multicolored highlighters (not two packages)

    1 box colored markers

    2 lg. plastic bottle of baby wipes

    2 white “Magic Rub” or pink pearl erasers

    1 flash drive USB with 2-4 GB (to be used later in the year)

    1 box ziplock baggies

    1 old sock (for erasing whiteboards

    1 pkg. Dry Erase whiteboard markers


    Please keep in mind that most of these supplies will become community supplies. Students should not buy “special” pencils, pens, post-its, etc.


    • 1 12-pack yellow wood #2 pencils, sharpened
    • 1 package lined notebook paper
    • 1 box tissues
    • Last names A-H: 1 roll paper towels, Last name I-P: 1 package baby wipes, Last name Q-Z: 1 large bottle hand sanitizer
    • 2 highlighters, different colors
    • 5 composition books (sewn binding with all-lined pages, usually has a black and white cover)
    • 2 ballpoint pens
    • 2 black ink, felt-tip “Flair” type pens
    • 1 pink eraser
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 4 solid color pocket folders