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    2017-2018 Wedgwood PTA Annual Pledge Drive

    Dear Wedgwood Families,

    What a year!  Fresh paint on the playground, new principal, dedicated teachers and staff…and of course the students, our kiddos.  While the world is filled with uncertainty around us, it is the Wedgwood community that anchors our daily lives and routines.  To celebrate the role Wedgwood plays in our families’ lives we are re-igniting our pledge drive efforts to support the PTA in being able to fill gaps, innovate, and support this special school.  More than ever we look to Wedgwood to help us educate and raise Caring, Respectful, and Responsible citizens.  We need you. 

    This year we have two goals for our pledge drive campaign:

    1. Raise $23,362, about a 20% increase from 2016 when we raised $19,362.
    2. Garner donations from 120 families, an increase of 50% over last year when 80 families generously donated.

    We hope this interview with third grader Jaylen Reuler inspires you to make a donation of any amount. 

    jaylen reuler pic

    Q: Jaylen, why should families donate to this pledge drive?  After all, this is a public school and we all pay taxes.

    A: Public dollars (sadly) only go so far; these donations are crucial in helping us do important things for our students.

    Q: What kinds of things does the PTA use this money for, anyway?

    A: For one, our garden education program is 100% funded by the PTA.  We have a master gardener who provides us with hands-on, research-based outdoor science lessons. And this year even the 4th and 5th graders get garden education, not just K-3!  Also, how do you think we pay for the amazing and inclusive events we have, like the back-to-school bbq (#HotDogs!)  And wasn’t the Wedgwood Around the World night so awesome?  And the dance?! This also helps teachers buy important things for their classrooms so they don’t need to pay out of their pockets, and it helps fund the librarian, and guest speakers…and did I mention HOT DOGS?!  Oh, the PTA also helps support scholarships to fund a variety of things like tickets for the carnival, Wedgwood t-shirts, yearbooks, school photos, etc. for anyone in our community who may need some extra assistance.  I think that’s pretty cool. 

    Q: In addition to feeling all warm and fuzzy (like a marmot in the sun) by donating, what else is in it for families?

    A: A donation of $300 gets you two tickets to the Wedgwood Auction ($150 gets you one free ticket).  Score!

    Q: Jaylen, what do you love most about Wedgwood?

    A: “The playground.”  [What else, Jaylen?]  “Teachers!”

    So, as 2017 comes to an end, please remember Wedgwood Elementary School and make a donation today.  Help us reach our goals, and support the all-volunteer PTA in doing great things for this magical school.  Giving capacity is different for each of our families; the important thing is that we all pitch in.  Whether $5 or $5,000, we need you. 


    ben reuler signature

    Ben Reuler, 2017 Pledge Drive Chairperson (and Dad to Jaylen!) 

    Does your company have a matching gift program? This is a wonderful way to make your gift go even further! Check with your human resources department and find out how to double, or even triple your gift! Click here to find out if your company participates, then check with your human resources department to double, or even triple your gift!

    Two ways to donate:
    1. With the pledge card enclosed in the packet sent home via kidmail (or print out a form). Please check the appropriate box (gift levels of $300 or $150) if you would like free tickets to our spring Auction event. 
    Remember, your gift must be received by January 20 to get the free tickets to our spring Auction event!