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    Playground Expectations Note

    Wedgwood Playground Expectations

    Wedgwood citizens are caring, respectful, and responsible on the playground.

    Playground Expectation 1 

    I take care of equipment and return it to where it belongs.

    • use the big toy and playscapes safely
    • slide down the slides
    • hang on the monkey bars
    • walk across the playscape bridge
    • pick up after yourself and bring playground/classroom equipment back where it belongs

    Playground Expectation 2

    I invite and include others.

    • look for opportunities to include others in a game
    • play fair and play to have fun
    • Pick teams fairly – ask an adult/Conflict Manager for help if needed

    Playground Expectation 3

    I follow the rules of the game.
    • agree on the rules of a game before you play
    • use problem solving skills or ask for adult/Conflict Manager for help if needed

    Playground Expectation 4

    I play safe where adults can see me.
    • make sure you can see an adult at all times
    • avoid games where someone turns into “It”
    • keep hands, feet, and body safely to yourself
    • play out in front of the portables
    • walk around playscapes when other students are using them

    We avoid playing games with pretend weapons or twigs/branches, treat the garden with respect by not picking the plants, and we stay out of the trees.

    Playground Expectation 5

    I line up quickly and safety when the bell rings.

    • watch out for others as you line up
    • go to the back of the line when you get to your classroom number
    • face forward and wait for your teacher and directions
    • enter the building respectfully