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    Playground Update Fall 2017
    Posted on 09/13/2017

    Hello Wedgwood Families!

    During last year's school auction, $30,000 was raised toward updating our playground (thank you, families!). We'd like to provide an update on what has happened so far, and what you can expect to see in the coming months.

    As a reminder, the bulk of the upgrades will be cosmetic in nature. We know the community would love to tear up that asphalt, we all would! This option has been explored with the district many times over the years, and unfortunately the removal, installation and maintenance is simply too cost prohibitive. So, onto what we CAN do to make our playground more fun and functional for all of our students:

    Several "paint days" were held over the spring and summer. Volunteers from the District, Seattle Works and Wedgwood families generously donated their time. We've gone through about 30 gallons of paint! Here's what's been accomplished so far, if you haven't already seen it for yourself:

    • Track lanes were relined, a third lane was added
    • A permanent kick ball field was lined
    • Tether ball lines were relined
    • Four square, hopscotch, jump rope, the USA map and play court walls and an interior playcourt mural were painted
    • Basketball half-courts were lined

    The NW corner of the playground was underutilized and kids were playing soccer among leftover garden equipment, thus the need for an actual designated soccer area.

    • Lines for one soccer field was painted over the spring, and soccer goals were added.
    • A second soccer field will be painted, and goals added, as soon the dirt pile in the back corner is removed. The District must remove this, and our work order is pending at this time.
    • We are currently in talks with the District about resurfacing the NW corner (soccer area) of the playground; this would potentially take place in a year.

    The District has approved our request to add a permanent wall ball wall to our playground! We need to consult an architect for a design which must be submitted to the District - do we have any architects/designers in our family community willing to help with this?

    We have ordered benches which will have distinct purposes as "buddy benches" for those students looking for someone to play with, a "quiet bench" for those students looking for a break from noise and activity, and parent benches. We will also place picnic tables near the garden area for student learning during classroom garden lessons. The benches and tables must be secured to the playground by District personnel.

    An equipment cart has been purchased and additional playground equipment will be purchased throughout the year as requested by staff.

    We would love to add colorful artwork to the exterior of the portables and playcourt. Do you have a creative streak? Would any parents like to get their kids involved and leave their permanent, creative mark on Wedgwood? Or any art docents willing to lead a class project? Please bring your ideas to us!

    We applied for the large, matching funds grant that was mentioned at last year's school auction and unfortunately, it doesn't look like we will receive that. But we are looking to apply to several smaller grant opportunities that will increase our playground budget. More money = more fun!

    Please contact Chantel Anderson (chantelanderson24@gmail.comif you have questions or would like to be involved in the planning and execution of our playground improvement efforts!  

    Thank you!
    - The Playground Committee