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    2016-2017 Wedgwood PTA Annual Pledge Drive 

    Dear Wedgwood Families,

    As the calendar year draws to a close, we reflect on all of the things for which we are grateful and one of the things that comes to mind is Wedgwood Elementary. We are extremely fortunate to have talented and dedicated teachers and staff, as well as involved and committed parent and community volunteers dedicated to raising Caring, Respectful and Responsible citizens of the world.

    Wedgwood WordyWalk into any classroom and you will see learning in action. Our amazing faculty and staff are committed to ensuring every student receives the best education possible. But what might go unnoticed are the many programs and supplies that are not funded by the district or the state – which is why as the year draws to a close we are asking for your financial support.
    Until the state resolves the matter of school funding, Seattle Public Schools, and our own Wedgwood Elementary will continue to need financial support from the community. Because of the Wedgwood PTA and our generous family community, we fund or subsidize a variety of programs and needs. For example:

    • The PTA funds a portion of our librarian’s salary, ensuring each and every child has an opportunity to visit the library and check out books every week. The PTA also grants the library $5,000 annually which Ms. Leland uses to keep our library collection current and engaging for every student at Wedgwood Elementary.
    • Each teacher is given a stipend to buy needed items to benefit their classroom. This includes grade level books for their classroom, educational workbooks, and supplementary materials that make each lesson come to life. In addition the PTA subsidizes professional development for our faculty and provides grants for special projects that benefit the entire school community.
    • The PTA subsidizes our garden education program and master gardener to provide our students with hands-on, research-based outdoor science lessons, as well as the enriching art docent program.
    • The PTA funds a variety of community wide activities (Back to School BBQ, Fall Dance Party, Science Night, School Carnival etc. plus two educational guest speakers for parents).

    Your very generous donations to our three key fundraising events: the Move-a-Thon, Pledge Drive, and our annual Auction, enable the PTA to fund these activities. On October 28, 2016 the annual Move-a-thon successfully raised over $50,000 and got us a little less than halfway to our 2016-2017 funding goal of $125,000. Our March 31, 2017 Auction is expected to raise an additional $50,000. This leaves a gap of about $25,000. So today I am asking for your support.

    Our community is what makes our school so special, and your financial support reinforces our commitment to every single student, every day. Please consider making a donation today. Participation is key, and any amount (whether it’s $5 or $500) is appreciated and will help us get closer to our fundraising goal.

    For those who can give more generously, a Pledge Drive donation of $300 gets you two FREE tickets to our spring Auction ($150 gets you one free ticket).

    As the year comes to an end, please remember Wedgwood Elementary and consider making a donation today! Thank you so much for your commitment to our school, and wishing everyone in our community a happy and healthy holiday season!

    Davina & Todd Inslee
    Parents to Ivan (2016 Wedgwood graduate) & Zane (3rd grade)

    Does your company have a matching gift program? This is a wonderful way to make your gift go even further! Check with your human resources department and find out how to double, or even triple your gift! Click here to find out if your company participates, then check with your human resources department to double, or even triple your gift!

    Two ways to donate:
    1. With the pledge card enclosed in the packet sent home via kidmail (or print out a form). Please check the appropriate box (gift levels of $300 or $150) if you would like free tickets to our spring Auction event. 
    2. Online via PayPal. Please note in the Comments section "2 free tickets" or "1 free ticket" at the appropriate gift level.
    Remember, your gift must be received by January 20 to get the free tickets to our spring Auction event!