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    *Note from Doug*
    Posted on 09/14/2016
    Thank you for all your care and support in making this a GREAT start to the school year! It has been wonderful to reconnect with students, and to see their enthusiasm as they begin making connections with their new teachers and classrooms and return to learning here at Wedgwood.

    For the first couple weeks of school, teachers and staff will be focused on building strong social-emotional communities of learners, practicing classroom/school-wide routines, and reviewing school expectations as part of our Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) – as a school we want to explicitly teach our routines and procedures so all students know the expectations.

    Additionally, each classroom will begin creating a Classroom Charter as part of our new RULER program – this charter will focus on students working together to outline how they want to feel in their classroom learning environments and establishing norms and interpersonal expectations together verses “rules.” I will be sharing more about our social-emotional focus this year during my Principal Presentation at curriculum night.

    Here are a couple important updates and upcoming events:

    Wedgwood Curriculum Night 9/22

    Wedgwood will be hosting our annual Curriculum Night on Thursday, 9/22 from 6:00 – 8:00pm (this includes our school event, Principal presentation, and our first PTA meeting). We will get a finalized schedule out next week so families can make plans and child care arrangements.

    Traffic and Circulation Updates at Wedgwood
    As a community, we are all adjusting to Wedgwood’s new start and end times – and looking at our first days of school, very successfully! However, these new times have put new pressures on NE 85th St from 7:40 – 8:00 am and from 2:00 – 2:20 pm. Our morning crossing guard crossed just shy of 400 people each morning last week, and we saw similar numbers in the afternoon. This will cause traffic delays during that 20-minute window. If you are trying to rush to work, please take a look at our Circulation Plan to explore alternate routes to avoid the delays on NE 85th St and 30th Ave NE.

    Our new crossing guards are working hard to keep our students and families safe, and are doing their very best to negotiate pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. Please join me in welcoming them to
    Wedgwood Weekly September 12, 2016 pg 1

    Wedgwood and showing our appreciation by ensuring both students and adults are out of the crosswalk before driving through the intersection and driving at school-zone speeds.

    Additionally, we had many cars making U-Turns on NE 85th St and NE 87th St before and after school. This is very dangerous to the almost 400 students and families walking to and from school, who can fall in a driver’s blind spot while making a U-turn. Please take a look at our Circulation Plan where we have suggested some alternate routes to a U-Turn.

    Thanks for helping us keep our students and families safe.