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    Wedgwood Library

    Wedgwood Library

    Purpose Statement 

    The mission of the Wedgwood Elementary School Library is
    • to collaborate with staff to create authentic learning for all students.
    • to build a diverse, high quality collection of resources for all patrons.
    • to encourage staff and students in becoming effective users of ideas and information.
    • to create opportunities to use 21s Century Skills through technology.
    • to help every student find a love for reading that will last a life time.

    Our Librarian

    Mrs. Leland & Mo WillemsMrs. Kristi Leland has been an educator for over 20 years.  She began her dream job as the Teacher-Librarian at Wedgwood Elementary in 2015 and has loved every minute of it! Finding books that connect with readers is her driving force.  Her main goal is to create a space within Wedgwood's library that invites all learners to pursue their interests; whether this is through books, technology or a future Makerspace. 


    Volunteer Opportunities

    We have a fabulous group of volunteers in our library. Each week parents come in to help circulate, catalog and shelve books. In addition, parents work with individual students to help them find their perfect book, assist with the computers and listen to them read.

    In general, parents volunteer for a particular time slot which may cover one or more classes. When parents come into the library, checking in books is the first priority. This usually happens while Mrs. Leland is teaching a mini-lesson to a classroom. After the mini-lesson is complete, students have time to look for and check out books. During this time, parents are usually helping students find books on the computer or on the shelves or they are checking out books at the circulation station. When time permits, parents help to shelve the books that have been checked in. Parents who are interested in doing so can also receive special training for special projects and for cataloging and processing books.

    Every fall, there is a general training session for new volunteers in the library.  Parents who are interested in starting to volunteer later in the year will be paired up with an experienced volunteer for training. There is also a volunteer manual available in the library.

    A Library Volunteer Coordinator helps to schedule parent volunteers. This next year, our fabulous volunteer coordinator is Michele Hyde.

    If you are interested in volunteering in the library please contact Michele

    Library Policies 

    Number of Books and Checkout Time Period

    In Kindergarten, students are allowed to check out one book. Books are due after one week. In general, kindergarten teachers ask their students to leave the books at school. This policy may change as the students learn to be more responsible about taking care of their books.

    In 1st and 2nd grade, students are allowed to check out two books. In 3rd grade, students check out 3 books. In 4th grade, students check out 4 books and in 5th grade, students can check out up to 5 books.
    children reading on a rug

    All books are due after two weeks. If a due date would fall during a vacation, books will not be due until after the vacation days are over.


    Students with overdue books are encouraged to return their books at their earliest convenience.  Student may check out more books until they reach their weekly grade level limit.  Notices will be sent home three times each year, at the end of the each trimester. 

    Lost Books

    Students who lose a library book can either pay a fine for the book or they can replace the book with another copy of the book or with a similar book. Please contact Mrs. Leland in the library to handle any lost book questions.

    Library Catalog
    Online Student Resources

    Contact Info

    Phone: (206) 252-5707
    Cell: (206) 661-0891
    Main Office: (206) 252-5670
    Twitter: @kleland05

    Monday - Thursday school hours

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